As we age, our digestive system becomes less efficient at absorbing critical nutrients your brain needs. Alzyn solves this problem with a topical spray that allows our patented combination of four safe and scientifically proven compounds to be absorbed through the skin. 

  • Scientific tests showed that daily application of Alzyn delivers a combination of four critical nutritional compounds that performed better than if each of the same compounds were taken individually or in different combinations.
  • While cognitive decline associated with aging can't be reversed, research indicates that Alzyn protects aging brain cells and helps you maintain brain health.

Protect your brain in 4 ways

Each of Alzyn's four main ingredients works on the brain by reducing known markers of age-related brain deterioration
or stimulating factors helpful to the brain's defenses

The Alzyn Benefit to the Consumer


"Inflammation, oxidation, and formation of toxic peptide and protein species have been demonstrated to lead to a decline in brain function and memory loss associated with aging. Each of the Alzyn compounds provides nutrients that enable the body to alleviate these negative changes in age-related brain function."

Dr. Ewa Bienkiewicz, PhD

The Science Behind Alzyn

Alzyn is the result of research by Dr. Ewa Bienkiewicz, PhD, Research Associate Professor and Director of the Protein Biology Laboratory at Florida State University College of Medicine. Her team's research was published in a major scientific journal.