All of us have witnessed the mental decline of someone close to us. No matter how sharp we start out, it's only a matter of time before aging robs us of our mental agility and memory. Is there anything we can do to defy the inevitable, or even prolong our mental fitness for years to come?

The brain needs certain substances to maintain healthy brain cells. These aren't rare minerals or untested chemicals. They're well-known, well-researched compounds and they're found in many foods. So why is the aging brain starved of these essential nutrients?

As we age, our ability to absorb these compounds through our digestive system is compromised. The result is often increasing symptoms of brain deterioration: oxidation, mitochondrial dysfunction, shrinking volume of brain mass, and neural inflammation. The proprietary blend of compounds in Alzyn helps counter those affects on the aging brain.

" The cognitive deterioration we see may not only be the result of the aging brain but the aging gut. Our inability to process critical nutrients constrains the brain's natural nourishment and reduces its ability to defend itself against age-related conditions."

Dr. Ewa Bienkiewicz, PhD

Research Associate Professor Department of Biomedical
Sciences College of Medicine Florida State University