Number of diseases in the 10 leading causes of deaths in the United States that cannot be prevented, slowed or cured.

Alzheimer's disease stands alone


1 in 10

People over 65 has Alzheimer's



Healthcare concern for people over 50.





Tragic Statistics


$260 billion

Current US cost


$700 billion

2050 US cost

Halting Alzheimer's

Preserving Memories

ALZYN is pursuing a unique approach to retard the progress of this disease employing a combination of well-characterized active ingredients completed with a unique delivery system.



by 2025 fifteen million Americans

will be living with Alzheimer

ALZYN is an early stage research-based company focused on retarding the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease in the affected population. ALZYN'S science was initially developed at the Florida State University College of Medicine by leading researchers and licensed to ALZYN for commercialization. ALZYN is coupling the FSU technology with an novel delivery system capable of attaining therapeutic blood levels. ALZYN founders are an experienced team composed of industry leaders with successful track records for developing products from concept through commercialization, pharmaceutical and consumer product expertise and successful exits.

The Scientific Journey


Today 35 million people are living with Alzheimer and six million of them live in the United States ---------

ALZYN is a researched-based development stage company pursuing a unique approach to retard the progress of Alzheimer's Disease employing a combination of well-characterized active ingredients. AD is a Hydra, with several conditions combining to advance the disease. Current therapies may attack one of the Hydra’s heads but ignore the others, resulting in a continued decline in some of the patient’s condition or even worse, some of these therapies are metabolized in the gut and never reach the brain Our leading AD researcher and her team completed extensive work on the effects of four well-characterized ingredients individually and various combinations. Her team established that a combination of the four compounds had a marked ability to retard the overproduction of the beta-amyloid plaques, believed by most experts to be the cause of AD. They also observed significant reduction in levels of the beta amyloid peptides, as well as pro-inflammatory proteins and reactive oxygen species which are believed to drive the cascading symptoms of AD as it progresses. Delivery of the compounds in combination also resulted in an increased expression of anti-apoptotic proteins and anti-oxidative enzymes which are part of the brain’s defenses against the disease. ALZYN is currently building upon those learnings to develop a product that can safely and effectively deliver therapeutic doses across the blood brain barrier.

Alzyn's Science has been tested


Proven ability of ingredients to impact factors associated with Alzheimer's ---------


Published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Sep 2016 READ MORE >>

Proven ability of transdermal ALZYN formulation to cross the blood-brain barrier --------- Contracted test results, Oct 2016 READ MORE >>

Self Portraits of a Declining Brain ---------

William Utermohlen spent the last twelve years of his life battling Alzheimer’s, a degenerative neurological disease that slowly took away his ability to do what he was most passionate

Don Rosenkoetter
Managing Director and Co-Founder

- 30+ Years in Senior Life Science Leadership Positions - Large Corporations, Start-Ups, Consulting Firms, and NGOs - Pharmaceuticals, Devices and Consumer Health / Wellness

Bill Loughman

- CFO for ALZYN - Partner of Newport Board Group - Led numerous equity and public debt raises, an IPO and over 15 M&A transactions

Our Team

Doug Tatum

- Chairman, Newport Board Group - Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Moran Institute, Florida State University - Serial Entrepreneur

James Olcese, PhD

- Scientific advisor - Global authority on the effects of melatonin I the brain - Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience and Molecular Biophysics at Florida State University College of Medicine - Over 100 peer reviewed research articles

Ewa Bienkiewicz, PhD
PhD, Co-Founder

- Inventor of core technology - Associate Research Professor College of Medicine, Florida State University - Director of Protein Biology Laboratory

Chris Ramsey, PhD, JD
Patent Counsel

- Patent Counsel at Gray-Robinson and the Company’s patent counsel - Expert in ALZYN’s technology - Over 20 peer reviewed research articles

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